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Air Flow Seals

Innovative solutions manage airflow in and around server cabinets to maximize cooling efficiency

MagSeal Magnetic Air Dams

Magseal Magnetic Cabinet Footer Skirt


Data center managers who are serious about maximizing their cooling efficiency know that using blanking panels in unused rack spaces is critical for aisle containment. An overlooked final step in efficiency is sealing the space under server cabinets. Data centers that incorporate hot and cold aisle containment have pressure differentials between the aisles. This pressure can cause the gap below server cabinets, which is often 2” or more, to become an air stream between hot and cold aisles. The resulting mix of air reduces the effectiveness of a containment solution.

Magnetic strips are ultra-thin at only .72mm thickness

High performance magnet with 150 lbs/sq. ft. hold

Material has fire rating of UL94-V0

Available in black or white to match most server cabinets

Custom size and color options available

MagSeal Cabinet Skirt

Cool Shield Expandable Foam Gap Seal

Single station control room furniture desk


The Cool Shield AirStrip is an expanding foam tape designed to prevent unwanted air loss from gaps in contained aisles, server rack rows and data center infrastructure. Strips can be used above or below containment panels, next to rack rails, under server cabinets or in gaps in raised flooring. Filling gaps significantly improves cooling efficiency by preventing bypass airflow and hot air recirculation.

Black Polyurethane foam with acrylate dispersion impregnation

Heat resistance -40°F - 194°F (-30°C - 90°C)

Material Compatibility: No bleeding, No corrosion, No staining, No discoloration

Compression force ASTM D3574/ISO 3386

Air Tightness ASTM E 283 0.08 cfm/ft (1.57 psf) 0.33 cfm/ft (6.25 psf)

Foam Gap Seal 3/8″X1.5″ 15FT Foam Gap Seal 1/4″X1″ 20FT

Acrycell Expandable Foam Gap Seal

Acrycell Non Particulating Foam Gap Sealing Tape


AisleLok® Acrycell Sealing Tape is the premium choice for sealing gaps and openings in the data center including room perimeter, floor openings, under cabinets, between racks, and around CRAC units. It has a revolutionary sealing technology which significantly reduces costly bypass airflow, increasing usable cooling unit capacity, and ensuring maximized efficiency from HVAC equipment. (carton of 5)

Supports increasing cabinet density Increases existing cooling unit capacity

Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units

Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life

Acrycell Foam Gap Sealing Tape .5″ X 32.8′ (164′ TOTAL) Acrycell Foam Gap Sealing Tape 1″ X 18.4′ (92′ TOTAL) Acrycell Foam Gap Sealing Tape 2″ X 8.5′ (42.5′ TOTAL)

EziBlank Subfloor Panel

EziBlank Subfloor panel baffle for data centers

EziBlank Subfloor Panel Baffle

Eziblank subfloor airflow control panels have a unique design with universal appeal. Placed underneath data center floor systems, these panels offer a simple low cost way to lower your PUE and compliment data center cooling efficiency strategies.

Subfloor air baffle system

Suits 600mm floor tiles and raised floor heights up to 600mm

Attaches to horizontal and vertical struts of raised floor frame using cable ties

EziBlank Subfloor Panel