Drop Ceiling Fan Tray – Adjustable Temperature Controlled Exhaust Fan

Drop Ceiling Fan Tray For Exhausting Equipment Rooms and Closets


The Ceiling Grid Vent System fan aggressively vents air from equipment rooms or closets. The drop ceiling exhaust fan unit easily installs in a standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid . The product uses nine professional-grade 120mm DC fans that aggressively, but quietly, vent up to an impressive 575 CFM of air. Built-in automatic features included in drop ceiling fans. The fan uses two independent temperature controllers with the first turning on one bank of fans at 80F and the second controller turning the remaining fans on at 88F. As a result, the fans only run when necessary which saves energy and increases the life of the system.

Additionally, the drop ceiling fan unit uses lightweight aluminum construction and the white enamel finish is attractive. The grid face features concealed hinges for easy cleaning and service. Combine with blanking panels in server racks for maximum airflow management.

If noise is an issue, simply adjust the temperature controlled fan speed to effectively lower the ceiling tile fan noise. Likewise, use the more advanced temperature controllers to automatically vary the speed of the fans.  In addition, change the on and off set points if desired (available separately). Use the optional duct box for ducting.

While the unit can be customized, this package includes the Dropped Ceiling Fan Grid Housing, Fan Panel with 9 Fans and 2 Basic Controllers installed, and 2 Power Supplies. Use the two banks of fans to power separately for redundancy and added versatility.

Installation Tips:

  • Determine the best location for the Ceiling Grid Vent which for example will typically be directly over the heat producing components. Furthermore, note that the unit will require two outlets to power the two banks of fans.
  • For placement, determine unobstructed air will flow and how to power the unit.
  • The Fan Panel comes pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • Attach to the Ceiling Grid Vent by inserting the offset edge of the Fan Panel, which is opposite of screw holes, under one side of the Ceiling Grid Vent with the fans protruding through the back side of the vent and the sensors facing down toward the room. Attach the panel with the included #6 X 1/2″ self-tapping screws.
  • Once the unit is in place and secured, locate the power wires for the fans, they should be obvious among the fans and are two 2-pin male connectors.
  • Set the controllers
  • Complete installation. Most importantly, ensure one more time that no wiring or other obstructions are in, on, around the fans.
  • Maintenance. Inspect the unit annually. Blow off fans to remove dust and ensure fully functional.


General Specifications
Dimensions: Housing 23 ¾”x23 ¾”x5 7/16(WxHxD) / Housing 20”x20″
Construction: Aluminum Housing (White) and Fan Bracket (Raw)
Cooling System: Nine Magnetic Bearing Variable Voltage 120mm DC Fans
Life Expectancy: Housing: Lifetime / Fans: 70,000 Hours
Airflow: Variable, Max 645 cfm (See note)
Noise: Silent to 43.5dB dependent on system settings (See note)

Power Specifications
Includes 2 PS-1700 Power Supplies (Regulated 1700mA)
Power: 2-Pin FastWire Power System (Ensure Proper Polarity – Tip to +)
Voltage/Amperage: 7-9V DC for Normal Operation, 12V DC for More Aggressive Cooling
Current: 1.6A (1600mA at 12V DC)


Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 25 × 6 in