MagSeal – Magnetic Air Dam For Cabinet Skirts and Barriers

Magnetic Strip Rolls to Seal Gaps in and Around Server Cabinets

Thin, high-energy scorable strips seal gaps in contained aisles to prevent air leakage. Many data centers have invested in aisle containment solutions to increase their cooling efficiency. However, gaps in and around the server cabinets can seriously diminish the effectiveness of the containment. It is critical to properly seal any pass throughs from the hot aisle to the cold aisle. MagSeal is a versatile solution for easily and quickly covering gaps under cabinets, between cabinets, next to mounting rails and more. MagSeal allows data center managers who have installed a containment solution to get the maximum return on their investment.

  • Cover gaps below, between and inside server cabinets to seal airflow
  • Scored strips separate easily to adjust to gap size
  • Low-cost, high return solution for managing airflow
  • Magnetic strips have strong hold but present zero risk to computer equipment
  • Adheres to steel cabinets for quick and easy installation

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