Monitored Rack PDU's

Upsite PowerLok Rack PDU Monitored

Powerlok Rack PDU's – Next Generation of Rack Power Distributions

With automated soldering from line input to each receptacle, PowerLok® eliminates all mechanical connections, making it 270% less likely to fail than rack PDUs with mechanical terminations.​

  • Proven 270% greater reliability over rack PDUs with mechanical terminations
  • Slim vertical design with high visibility group markings
  • Angled input cord improves access and reduces bend radius
  • Available with covers in multiple colors to quickly identify separate power feeds
  • Standards models stocked for quick shipment
  • Optional touchscreen display for advanced local monitoring
Powerlok Blue PDU
Slim Modern Vertical Design and Angled Input Whip

At only 2.18″ wide x 2″ deep, PowerLok’s slim profile makes the PDU more agile and aesthetically pleasing within IT equipment racks while offering the greatest receptacle density and highly visible group marking. In addition, PowerLok features an input cord that is angled toward the server rack exit to improve access to the backs of servers. This allows for greater length with more receptacles over PDUs with end cords while reducing bend radius and providing a natural egress from the server cabinet.

Upsite Cordlok PDU
Universal Cord Lock Technology

PowerLok features a patent-pending cord locking system for easy insertion, retention, and detachment of plugs into the receptacles, coined CordLok®. With no insertion resistance, CordLok allows for insertion and removal with a single hand while offering an industry leading receptacle density that secures C13 and C19 cords. CordLok is an economically viable solution that provides peace of mind at an average cost of $1 per receptacle.

Molded & Shielded Power Cords

IEC320 C14 Male Plug to C13 Connector 0.3 meters / 1 foot 15A/250V 14/3 SJT Black - Power Cord

Power cords are commonly used between a high-end PDU and server in a data rack or cabinet. In data environments keep length of cords to a minimum to avoid contact with ethernet cables.

  • Mission critical Cisco® and Juniper Networks® dual power supplies can now both be powered with our thin IEC320 C15 form factor, which doesn’t obstruct the adjacent inlet.
  • Professional color consistency is assured across the cable from plug to connector.
  • Future proofed form factor compliant to UL specification IEC 60320-1 2021 standards.
  • Ease-of-use is enhanced with uniform finger grips on all sides of the molded ends to facilitate handling.
  • Avoid downtime from accidental disconnects with our sleek mold design that mitigates catch hazards.
  • Cord jacket is pure PVC for continuity of material form and has no inserted filler (cotton or jute).
  • Safe quality cords prevent heat rise, degradation of connected equipment, fires and shock hazards. ISO 9001-2015 QMS. 
  • Quality team located in Asia to conduct a thorough 24-point product inspection to protect our customers from the growing influx of dangerous cords.

IEC320 C14-C13. 1-10 foot options. 15A, 20A, 250V.

Vertiv Host Sensor Type Monitoring

Vertiv Logo

Environmental factors like heat, humidity and moisture pose a severe threat to mission-critical infrastructure. These dangers can be minimized by incorporating an environmental monitoring solution to collect data and alert users of potential threats. Vertiv™ Geist™ Environmental Monitors allow users to securely observe conditions and receive alerts when user defined thresholds are breached.

  • Protect critical IT infrastructure by strategically monitoring data center, server room and network closet environments.
  • View real time sensor data from a secure web interface and receive alerts via Email, SNMP, or Email-to-SMS.
  • Receive alerts of out-of-range conditions to ensure they are addressed before resulting in downtime.
  • Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product registration.

Vertiv Digital Sensor Type Monitoring

Temperature Sensor

Whether we're talking about battery monitoring, leak detection systems, temperature monitoring, sensor-level monitoring for harsh industrial environments, or complex data center monitoring systems, we can all agree that this is an essential part of future-proofing and safeguarding a critical facility from threats that range from faulty equipment and environmental conditions to cyber intrusions.

  • Simple installation and configuration on Vertiv™ Geist™ Environmental Monitors and rPDUs.
  • Connects to a Vertiv™ Geist™ Environmental Monitor or rPDU via Plug-n-Play sensor port.
  • Daisy-chain sensors together to simplify installation and cable management
  • Access real time sensor data from the secure web interface and receive alerts via Email, SNMP, or Email-to-SMS.

Vertiv Analog & Dry Contact Monitoring

Vertiv WSCK-10 Water Sensing Cable Kit

Magnetic normally-closed dry-contact sensor used to monitor remote door position. Various sensor lengths available. Compatible with Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDUs and Environmental Monitors.

What are the most popular remote sensors?

Remote Temperature for monitoring “hot” spots and other trouble areas. Water Sensor to check for water leaks. Door Contact Sensor to see if a door is open. Remote temperature / air flow / humidity for ensuring the proper environment. Climate monitoring in remote locations.

What is the difference between analog and digital sensors?

Analog sensors connect through the analog inputs. These sensors are either a dry contact or provide a 0 to 5VDC signal. On the Web interface, they show up as “IO” sensors and have a value 0 to 99. Digital sensors connect to digital input ports and communicate through a serial protocol. These are also referred to as Plug-n-Play, Remote, or External sensors. Digital sensors are auto-detected by the climate monitor. Measurements from these devices are graphed and report in the appropriate units.