close up of raised floor grommet with overlapping brush gasket

Computer Room Grommets & Cables Guide

Computer rooms are vital to many of today’s workplaces, housing critical equipment and infrastructure. An essential aspect of modern computer room design is cable management, which involves organizing and protecting the cables connecting various equipment pieces. Optimal cable management keeps cables hidden and out of the way to protect the equipment they support and the employees around them. A widely used method of managing computer cables is with grommets. Grommets, typically made of plastic or metal, are covers that seal openings...

Data Center Store Website

Data Center Store Launches New Website brings the highest quality of data center products and comprehensive parts to the largest data centers in the world. With the new website now live, customers can order their data center products quickly and directly from the most innovative online data center retailer in the world. Special thanks to Steven Sieja Creative, for their contributions on the new website design for the e-commerce website

Koldlok raised floor grommet cover

4 Kinds of Koldlok Floor Grommets for Your Data Center

A quality floor grommet is essential to any data center, as grommet solutions fill cable openings in raised floor systems and prevent wasteful airflow. And just as you can customize a data center according to hot and cold aisle containment, you can also customize the floor grommets. Here are four kinds of grommets to consider when it comes to installing in your data center. Surface Mount Data Center Raised Floor Grommets Surface-mounted grommets lock in many raised floor tile cutouts in existing...