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Data Center Fans

Ceiling Grid Fan Tray

A drop ceiling grid fan tray for data center cooling

For Exhausting Equipment Rooms and Closets With a Drop Ceiling


The Ceiling Grid Vent System is designed to aggressively vent air from equipment rooms or closets. The unit easily installs in a standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid and uses nine professional-grade 120mm DC fans to aggressively, but quietly, vent up to an impressive 575 CFM of air. The fans are automated by using two independent temperature controllers with the first turning on one bank of fans at 80F and the second controller turning the remaining fans on at 88F. This means that the fans only run when necessary which saves energy and increases the life of the system.


HotSpotr Floor & Overhead Fans

HotSpotr under floor fan for data center server rack cooling

HotSpotr Floor Fan

Immediately Eliminate Data Center Hot Spots

HotSpotr™ fan assisted floor tiles eliminate hot spots caused by today’s High Density loads. HotSpotr mechanically delivers more air (up to 1200 cfm) to the face of your hottest racks.

Most Data Centers cool their entire room to the hottest racks, so when you eliminate the hot spots, you can reduce your overall cooling requirement, raise supply air temperatures and return set-points, improve efficiency, and dramatically lower cooling costs.

Maintain Safe Rack Temperatures

Increase Server Density

Improve Containment Efficiency

ZERO downtime, ZERO footprint installation


HotSpotr Overhead Fan

The HotSpotr HT-710 is engineered to balance heat load dynamically; regardless of which CRACs are running or how IT heat load changes. Cooling redundancy is addressed by moving heat loads from failed CRAC units to running units – dynamically.

Much more than a simple duct fan, the HotSpotr™ HT-710 overhead air removal unit is specifically designed for data center cooling applications, its perfectly balanced, high pressure, high volume fan and light weight aluminum construction allows for easy installation, long duct runs and flexible power options.

Safely air-cools and supports 10-12kW racks

Delivers up to 1200 CFM vs. 25% tile average of 300cfm, and 56% tile average of 600 cfm

Replaces and/or mounts directly to popular grates (adaptors available for all 24`` and 600mm floor and tile types)

Thermostatically controlled to dynamically maintain desired temperatures

Scalable - so you can start by trying just one HotSpotr to cool your hottest rack

HOTSPOTR Overhead Fan – HT-710