Data Center Fan Systems

Ceiling Grid Fan Tray

A drop ceiling grid fan tray for data center cooling

For exhausting equipment rooms and closets with a drop ceiling.

The Ceiling Grid Vent System is designed to aggressively vent air from equipment rooms or closets. The unit easily installs in a standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid and uses nine professional-grade 120mm DC fans to aggressively, but quietly, vent up to an impressive 575 CFM of air. The fans are automated by using two independent temperature controllers with the first turning on one bank of fans at 80F and the second controller turning the remaining fans on at 88F. This means that the fans only run when necessary which saves energy and increases the life of the system.

  • Mission critical Cisco® and Juniper Networks® dual power supplies can now both be powered with our thin IEC320 C15 form factor, which doesn’t obstruct the adjacent inlet.
  • Professional color consistency is assured across the cable from plug to connector.
  • Future proofed form factor compliant to UL specification IEC 60320-1 2021 standards.
  • Ease-of-use is enhanced with uniform finger grips on all sides of the molded ends to facilitate handling.
  • Avoid downtime from accidental disconnects with our sleek mold design that mitigates catch hazards.
  • Cord jacket is pure PVC for continuity of material form and has no inserted filler (cotton or jute).
  • Safe quality cords prevent heat rise, degradation of connected equipment, fires and shock hazards. ISO 9001-2015 QMS. 
  • Quality team located in Asia to conduct a thorough 24-point product inspection to protect our customers from the growing influx of dangerous cords.

IEC320 C14-C13. 1-10 foot options. 15A, 20A, 250V.

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