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cable management under raised tile floor in a data center

How to Install a Cable Pass-Through Split Grommet in a Raised Floor

When it comes to designing a data center, proper cable organization is crucially important. One solution to aisle containment is installing a cable pass-through split grommet in a raised floor. This article will take you through each step of the process of how to set up this important component that not only enhances your cable management but also optimizes airflow in your data center.  How Does Cable Management Influence Data Center Design? Here are a few reasons why cable management can influence...

data center servers in racks

Upsite’s Products Optimize Data Center Adaptability with Advanced Solutions

Data Center Energy Efficiency Ranks More Important Than Ever  In our ever-changing digital age, data centers provide the heart of the very complex world of technology. From telecommunications to cloud storage to AI, data centers support the power and capacity to provide an assortment of crucial services that we all utilize every day. But while these services make our lives easier, they pose massive threats to our economy as well as our environment.  For example, did you know that in the 2020,...